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Colorado Public Utilities Commission # MCT-0111

Southwest Center for Independence is pleased to offer Southwest Rides, a fully ADA accessible transportation service.

The mission of Southwest Rides is to provide affordable, safe, reliable and accessible transportation that promotes independence and improved health outcomes for people with disabilities, the aging and veterans in our service area. Southwest Rides is a performance-driven, transparent and accountable non-profit transportation program of Southwest Center for Independence that values its consumers, resources and community partners, and meets new challenges through leadership, innovation and teamwork.

We are an approved Medicaid Non-emergency Medical Transportation provider. Call us to check your Medicaid transportation benefit eligibility and to schedule a ride to your next medical appointment. We can help you access your primary care, mental health, physical therapy and dental appointments.

For more information about Southwest Rides, your eligibility, or to schedule a ride, please call us at 970.946.0232 or go to