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Community Transitions

The Olmstead Advancement Program is a community transitions process geared towards those who have a significant and recent history of institutionalization. Institutions include: nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, correctional facilities, Acute Treatment Units, mental/psychiatric institutes, crisis stabilization units, and withdrawal management units.  
This  program assists individuals with transitioning to community based-living.
In addition to developing and pursuing community-living goals, a consumer will also be aided in applying for a program specific State Housing Voucher (SHV). This does not guarantee a housing voucher. Should a consumer be approved for an SHV, our Specialist will help the consumer search for housing, navigate systems, and provide general support in maintaining one’s independence.
If you would like to learn more about this program or find out if you qualify, please contact us. 
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Our Youth Services program is designed to support youth with disabilities as they transition to adult life. Youth Specialists collaborate with local schools districts, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and other non-profits to serve youth 14-24 with disabilities.

Our Youth Transition Services are funded by State and Federal grants.

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