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SWCI Programs

Nursing Home Transitions

SWCI partners with the local Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) and Single Entry Points (SEP) in participating counties to provide Community Transition Services (CTS) through the HCBS Medicaid waivers. CTS is based on the belief that individuals can live successfully in the community with the appropriate supports and services. If you have lived in a long-term care facility for 90 days or more, are Medicaid enrolled, and are willing to move to housing in the community, you may be eligible for Community Transition Services free of charge through the Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT) program. CCT provides assistance to help long-term care residents relocate into the community using available home and community-based services to support the transition.

The NHT program is funded through Long Term Care Medicaid along with State and Federal funding.

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SW Center for Independence

NHT services at SWCI may include:

  • Services to help you set up your home, such as moving expenses, security and utility deposits, and household furnishings.
  • Services to help you develop and maintain your independence, such as financial management and organizing your home.
  • Devices or equipment used to increase or maintain your ability to function independently in the community
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SW Center for Independence

Demonstration Services

Demonstration Services work on strengthening independent living skills in the comfort of your new home. They are available to you beyond the 30 days if you transition under the CCT program. Demonstration services can last for 365 days after discharge from a nursing home (or 540 hours, whichever comes first). Demonstration services are individualized based on consumer choice.

Some of the areas we can support individuals with include:

  • Household budgeting
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Organization of the home
  • Organize medical care and appointments
  • Individual advocacy
  • How to access transportation
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SW Center for Independence


Come join our youth movement! SWCI is looking for youth to join our Youth Advisory Council to help guide our programs. We are seeking youth with disabilities that want to help educate their community on what it means to have a disability and how to live with the that disability successfully. Our Youth Services program is designed to support youth with disabilities as they transition to adult life. Youth Specialists collaborate with local schools districts, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and other non-profits to serve youth 14-24 with disabilities.

Our Youth Transition Services are funded by State and Federal grants.

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