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Independent Living Staff

Carli Hallis Program Manager [email protected] (970) 903-4918
Cheri Valle Independent Living Specialist- Projects [email protected] (970) 903-4637
Phyllis Kilgore Housing Voucher Administrator [email protected] (970)-903-5974

Michelle Liemandt

Intake & Quality Assurance Specialist [email protected] (970) 903-5880

Abigail Friedlein


Independent Living Specialist [email protected] (970) 880-2365
Aaron Lesse
Veteran-Directed Care Specialist [email protected] (970) 903-5859
Toffee Webb Community Transitions Specialist [email protected] (970) 903-5696


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Southwest Rides Staff


Patrick Davis Transportation Manager [email protected] (970) 903-3648
Atira Tracy Dispatcher [email protected] (970) 903-1253
Dave Horton Driver [email protected] (970) 903-5971
Russell Fontenot
Driver [email protected] (970) 903-5445
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Executive & admin Staff


Kelsey Bell Executive Director [email protected] (970) 903-2360
Kerrie Lorenzini Human Resources & Operations Manager [email protected] (970) 903-5865
Angel Squires Operations Assistant [email protected] (970) 903-5740
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Board of Directors


Robyn Kellogg
Chair Director of Technology Integration, Assistive Technology Coordinator, Occupational Therapist, Google Certified Trainer at San Juan Board of Cooperative Education Services
Miriam Gillow-Wiles (she/her) Vice Chair Executive Director at Southwest Colorado Council of Governments

Taylor Lennox-Irwin


Treasurer COO at EsoTerra Ciderworks

Susan Donahoo 


Member Direct Supervisor at Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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