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Housing Program

 Appropriate, affordable, accessible housing is an essential part of Independent Living and can be hard to locate in rural Southwest Colorado. SWCI can help you navigate through the available housing resources in our communities, and provide you with a list of subsidized housing units for which you may be eligible to apply.


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Monthly Housing 101 class to educate you on the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized units, Housing Choice Vouchers, what you can expect to pay for rent and other things to keep in mind when renting a home


Referrals to other organizations that may be able to offer assistance and services around housing needs


Assist with completing paperwork or applications, if needed due to disability


Assistance in learning to budget your money


Advocacy to assist in resolving landlord and/or tenant issues


Assist in understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant


Assist with housing search and leads

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Housing Vouchers

Our Housing Voucher Waiting List is CLOSED.

Our Housing Voucher Administrator coordinates a variety of Housing Vouchers through a contract with the Colorado Division of Housing. These vouchers are exclusively for people with disabilities. Tenants pay 30% of their monthly income towards rent, and the remainder is paid by the state. The participant is free to choose any housing that meets the requirements of the program, instead of the specifically assigned subsidized units in housing projects. Housing can include single-family homes, townhouses and apartments. More information on vouchers can be found on the Colorado Department of Local Affairs website.

If you are an existing Voucher holder with SWCI and have issues specifically related to your Voucher, please call Shawna Butler at 970-903-5974.

If you would like assistance with general housing issues, please contact an Independent Living Specialist at 970-259-1672.

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