Youth Transition Services

Come join our youth movement! SWCI is looking for youth to join our Youth Advisory Council to help guide our programs. We are seeking youth with disabilities that want to help educate their community on what it means to have a disability and how to live with the that disability successfully. Our Youth Services program is designed to support youth with disabilities as they transition to adult life. Youth Specialists collaborate with local schools districts, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and other non-profits to serve youth 14-24 with disabilities.

Our Vision

We believe in a youth led program that focuses on advocacy, life skills development and mentorship to their peers that also offers supports to parents, caregivers and other natural supports.

Opportunities Include:

  Independent Living Skills Training.
  Accessing community resources.
  Development of self-advocacy skills.
  Support at Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings.
  Help to understand your rights and responsibilities as an adult.
  Learning how to use the local bus line and other transportation resources.
  Help understanding your educational options such as college or vocational training.
  Support to find social and recreational opportunities.
  Financial literacy training including budgeting and understanding your benefits.
  Health relationships classes and one-to-one consulting with individuals and family members.
  Civic engagement through classes, community participation and statewide groups.

For more information about our Youth Services program please contact Nathan Nau, Youth Specialist, at 970.259.1672 or email him at: